​​CORE - Information Requests

Through completion of the ANZICS CORE Information Request form, medical professionals, researchers and other interested parties may apply for access to specific sets of data collected and held by ANZICS CORE through its 4 registries; the Adult Patient Database (APD), the Critical Care Resource (CCR) Survey, the Australia and New Zealand Paediatric Intensive Care (ANZPIC) Registry and the Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI)​​ Registry. It is not possible to obtain direct access to the information held by ANZICS CORE without completion of this form.

Applications may be addressed to the CORE Secretariat for APD, CCR and CLABSI requests and to the ANZPIC Registry Manager for paediatric data requests.

ANZICS CORE Information Request Form - Word Document​

ANZICS CORE Information Request Form - PDF

Data Access and Publication Policy

All requests for information, all reports and analyses produced using data from ANZICS CORE and any proposed publications using data held by ANZICS CORE should adhere to the following policy. The ANZICS CORE Publication Policy must be agreed to for any work intending to be published or used in a presentation before your Information Request can be processed. You can download a copy here:

 ANZICS CORE Data Access & Publication Policy ​​- PDF