​​​​Clinical Trials Group 

Intensive Care Research Coordinators Interest Group

The field of clinical trials research in the Intensive Care environment has expanded significantly over the previous decade. The number of clinical trials being conducted in Australia and New Zealand has increased dramatically and commensurate with this, the complexity of the research projects has risen. In 1998 the pivotal role of Research Co-ordinators (RC) in managing the conduct of clinical trials in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in Australia and New Zealand had gained increased recognition. It also became apparent that many RCs were working in isolation in this dynamic but ultimately stressful environment. Therefore, RCs often lacked the guidance and support, which can be offered by their peers.

In response to these concerns, a group of dedicated RCs from Australia and New Zealand, with the support of the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group (ANZICS CTG), formed the Intensive care Research Coordinators Interest Group (IRCIG). The IRCIG was formalised in March 2000 with its first meeting and the election of a committee.

The Intensive Care Research Coordinator Interest Group (IRCIG) is:

  • The IRCIG is an endorsed working group of the ANZICS CTG, consistent with the principles contained within the ANZICS CTG Terms of Reference and ANZICS Regulations
  • A collective of dedicated Research Coordinators (RC) who collaborate to support and facilitate the activities of the CTG
  • A subgroup which has representation on the CTG Executive Committee

The specific aims of the IRCIG are to:

  • Provide peer support for ICU RCs
  • Assist with communication between ICU RCs throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • Endeavour to meet the educational requirements of ICU RCs
  • Promote recognition of the pivotal role of the ICU RC in clinical trials
  • Provide a forum for discussion of issues related to ICU RCs
  • Advise the ANZICS CTG on issues concerning ICU RCs
  • Promote ICU inter-hospital nursing and RC related research projects
  • Ensure ANZICS CTG studies receive input from RCs through representation on project executive committees and review of projects submitted to the CTG for endorsement

An Executive Committee administers the IRCIG. The Executive Committee of the IRCIG consists of Chairperson, Past Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, RC email list moderator, 6 regional representatives (New Zealand, South Australia and Tasmania, Northern Territory and Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory, Victoria) and an RC representative from the paediatric study group.

The IRCIG is run accordance with their Terms of Reference (download the IRCIG Terms of Reference).

IRCIG Executive

Dr Glenn Eastwood, The Austin Hospital, VIC
Ms Naomi Hammond, Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
​Immediate Past-Chair
Dr Rachael Parke, CVICU, Auckland City Hospital, NZ
Ms Elizabeth Yarad, Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
​Email List Moderator (Acting)
Ms Therese Starr (email)
​PSG Representative
Ms ​Claire Sherring, Starship Children's Hospital, NZ
​Regional Representatives

Mr ​Jason Meyer, Princess Alexandra Hospital
​SA and TAS
Ms Tricia Williams, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Ms Samantha Bates, Western Health​​
​WA and NT
Ms Annemarie Palermo​, Fiona Stanley Hospital
Ms Eileen Gilder, CVICU , Auckland City Hospital

Business Meetings

The IRCIG conducts business meetings which aim to provide a forum for Research Coordinators to discuss research related issues with their peers and set the direction and future activities of the group. The IRCIG business meetings are held bi-annually at the CTG's scientific meetings. These business meetings are open to attendance by the IRCIG membership.

ICU Research Coordinators Workshop

A Research Coordinator workshop is held annually in conjunction with the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group Meeting on Clinical Trials in Intensive Care. This workshop is open to attendance by any individual interested in the field of intensive care research, both members and non-members, as long as they hold no commercial interests. The key focus of this seminar is to provide educational sessions relevant to the area of intensive care research. The seminar also allows a forum for RCs to present study proposals to the group.

Upcoming Workshops

ICU Research Coordinator Workshop 201​8​ 
Monday March 5th
Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort, Queensland

Past Workshops

ICU Research Coordinator Workshop 201​7
Monday March 6th
Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort, Queensland

ICU Research Coordinator Workshop 2016​

Monday March 7th
Sheraton Noosa Resort & Spa, Queensland

ICU Research Coordinator Workshop 2015
Tuesday March 3rd
Sheraton Noosa Resort & Spa, Queensland

ICU Research Coordinators Workshop 2014

Tuesday March 4th
Sheraton Noosa Resort & Spa, Queensland

ICU Research Coordinators Workshop 2013
Wednesday March 6th
Outrigger Little Hastings Street Resort & Spa Noosa

ICU Research Coordinators Workshop 2012
Thursday March 8th
Sheraton Noosa Resort & Spa, Queensland

ICU Research Coordinators Workshop 2011
Thursday March 10th
Sheraton Noosa Resort & Spa, Queensland

ICU Research Coordinators Workshop 2010
Thursday 25th March, 2010 
Sheraton Noosa Resort & Spa, Queensland

ICU Research Coordinators Workshop 2009
Thursday 12 March 2009
Sheraton Noosa Resport & Spa, Noosa, Queensland​

The Intensive care Research Coordinator Interest Group (IRCIG) Mentor Program is an initiative of the IRCIG. The IRCIG recognises that many Research Coordinators are new to research and are also working in isolation. Therefore, Research Coordinators often lack the guidance and support, which can be offered by their peers. In order to address this issue, the IRCIG has established a Mentor Program.


The aims of the IRCIG Mentor Program are to:

  • Be a first point of contact for all new Research Coordinators
  • Introduce new Research Coordinators to the IRCIG
  • Form a communication link between the IRCIG and Research Coordinators
  • Be a resource available to Research Coordinators
  • Direct Research Coordinators to other appropriate resources
  • Offer peer support to Research Coordinators

Mentor Program Representatives

Each of the Research Coordinators within the Mentor Program represents a geographical location within Australia and New Zealand. All Representatives are experienced Research Coordinators who have volunteered for these roles.

IRCIG Mentor Program

Geographical Location Representative Contact Details Email Contact
New South WalesAnne O'Connor
Northern TerritoryJane Thomas+61 (0)8 89228711 email
Queensl​​andTherese Starr
South Australiac/- Tricia WIlliams

TasmaniaRick McAllister+61 (0)3 6222 7501 email
Western Australia
Lizzie Jenkinson
VictoriaSamantha Bates

New ZealandJan Mehrtens+64 3 3640640 ext 89375 email

To facilitate the aims of the IRCIG, the IRCIG email list is a vehicle that may be accessed by its members for opinion, discussion and circulation of research related issues and proposed study protocols.

The IRCIG email list is a closed list. Any individual wishing to apply for admission to the IRCIG email list must be nominated to the list by a current member in order to verify their status as a current intensive care Research Coordinator working within Australia and New Zealand.

How to subscribe to the list

Please email​ Jason Meyer, the email list moderator, for further information.

How to unsubscribe from the list

If you no longer wish to be on the list or if you no longer fulfil the criteria for IRCIG membership, please send an email​ to the email list moderator requesting to be removed from the list.​


Research Coordinator Executive Summary

This document may be used to support a request for sustainable funding for the employment of a Research Coordinator (RC) within an ICU environment. The document  highlights the track record of Intensive Care Research and the tangible benefits that research has brought to hospitals in Australia, NZ. and across the World.This information can then be used to support an application for RC funding.

For a more detailed version of the document (the RC Business Case) please contact the CTG Office.

Download the Research Coordinator Executive Summary.